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Molly R., Charlotte NC

Last Thursday was a big day. I was pleased to present Steve, Sandy and Dave with the final payment for my new roof. It was the end of a very successful venture with Camden Roofing & Construction.

When I was first contacted by Sandy and Dave, I have to admit that I was skeptical. There are so many reports of construction scams in the news. After meeting with Sandy and Dave, I was impressed by their professionalism and clear evidence that they knew their business. Many of us in the area talked with each other and tried to do our research on Camden. We had heard about “storm-chasers”. The fact that Camden had an excellent rating with Angie’s List was important to me.

It was simple to follow the process and paperwork that Sandy provided for making the insurance claim. Everything he predicted came to pass. The insurance inspector agreed with his assessment of the damage. The claim was filed. In the meantime, a couple of us found that a neighbor had already had his roof done. We visited with him and found that he was a completely satisfied customer. That did it for me, and I decided to move forward.

As it turned out, I made an excellent decision.

Here are the items that impressed me:

  • Professional pride, demeanor, and execution.
  • High regard for the safety of crews and customer.
  • Efficient and effective from start to finish – professionals, crews and crew leaders.
  • Clean in appearance, equipment, vehicles and work site.
  • Totally organized – great project management. All paperwork, instructions, materials, work processes, follow-up were precise, orderly and timely. Betsy was a key player in all processes.
  • Honest and timely – all discussions and answers to questions were direct and accurate; all appointments were kept; all promises were completed.
  • Crews well trained, hardworking and kind. They also talked with great pride about working for Camden and truly wanted to meet all Company standards and customer needs.
  • Exceptional results look great, used right materials in the right way.

Thank you all

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Our roof, like so man others, was in need of replacement. we contacted numerous contractors to obtain quotes but it wasn’t until we contacted Camden Roofing & Construction that we were confident this was the company we would hire to...
Anne & George, Gold Hill NC
Last Thursday was a big day. I was pleased to present Steve, Sandy and Dave with the final payment for my new roof. It was the end of a very successful venture with Camden Roofing & Construction. When I was...
Molly R., Charlotte NC
After hearing horror stories about other home owner’s projects being delayed and even companies being fired, we are thrilled with our results and our finished product. We previously had never tried to do anything this big in size or budget...
Curt W., Charlotte NC
Our home was damaged in a hail storm a year after we moved in. Steve was our first phone call. He was there the very next morning to meet with our insurance adjustor and worked tirelessly with us and our...
Patricia & Bryce, Charlotte NC
Dear Sir, I wanted to express my thanks to Melaine and to your company for the super job. Melaine was the best to work with and made things go much easier for me. She explained things in layman’s terms and...
Debbie, Charlotte NC
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