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Materials Used by Roofing Contractors Throughout History

Although humans have sought out shelter since the beginning of time, the concept of a dwelling really came into existence once roofs existed. Think about it. Without a roof, you may be surrounded by walls, but you aren’t protected from…

Annual Roof Inspection: Why That’s So Valuable

  You’re already a fan of preventative maintenance if you do any of these items: Have your furnace inspected annually Have your air conditioning system inspected annually Regularly change the batteries in your smoke detectors Go for an annual physical…

#RoofDeployment: Project Completed by Charlotte Roofing Company

Last week, we blogged about our participation in #RoofDeployment, where we partnered with Charlotte’s Habitat for Humanity to put a new roof on the home of a selected member of the military. Well, that took place, exactly as scheduled, on…

Charlotte Roofing Contractors Volunteer Through #RoofDeployment

roof deployment

Members of the United States military are watching out for us every single day of our lives, often at significant stress for themselves and for their families. Part of that stress includes an inability to look after home repairs because…

Choosing the best roofing contractor: tips and red flags

How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor: Tips and Red Flags Perhaps your area was hit with a hailstorm or windstorm and your roof was damaged, or maybe it’s simply time to replace your aging roof. In either case, it’s…


A few simple preventive things you can do to save money and avoid costly repairs.

BREAKING NEWS: Raleigh Roofing Services

Camden Roofing & Construction is proud to announce we have expanded and now servicing Raleigh and surrounding areas! We are offering our full line of services – from full roof replacements to Handy Man Services. “We’re excited to bring our expertise…

2017: Active Year for Storms & Roof Hail Damage

It looks like it is going to be an active year for storms. There have been multiple hail events this year all ready. Earlier this month in the Charlotte area on March 1st, we saw a minor hail producing storm….

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Roofing Service Testimonials: Laura and Ryan Combs Ryan and I wanted to drop you a line today to thank you for your excellent service. Even though it has been just over a month since Camden replaced our roof, neighbors are...
Laura and Ryan Combs
Roofing Service Testimonials: Anne and George Our roof, like so many others, was in need of replacement. We contacted numerous contractors to obtain quotes but it wasn’t until we contacted Camden Roofing & Construction that we were confident this was...
Anne & George, Gold Hill NC
Roofing Service Testimonials: Molly R. Last Thursday was a big day. I was pleased to present Steve, Sandy and Dave with the final payment for my new roof. It was the end of a very successful venture with Camden Roofing...
Molly R., Charlotte NC
Roofing Contractors Testimonials: Curt W. After hearing horror stories about other home owner’s projects being delayed and even companies being fired, we are thrilled with our results and our finished product. We previously had never tried to do anything this...
Curt W., Charlotte NC
Roofing Service Testimonials: Patricia and Bryce Our home was damaged in a hail storm a year after we moved in. Steve was our first phone call. He was there the very next morning to meet with our insurance adjustor and...
Patricia & Bryce, Charlotte NC
Roofing Service Testimonials: Debbie Dear Sir, I wanted to express my thanks to Melaine and to your company for the super job. Melaine was the best to work with and made things go much easier for me. She explained things...
Debbie, Charlotte NC
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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s almost summer (with temperatures already feeling that way!). Time for pool parties, backyard barbeques – and home maintenance. So, get your home ready for the hottest months of the year with our summer home maintenance checklist. Inspect air conditioners...

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