Are you wondering “How do I avoid roofing mistakes?” Camden Roofing & Construction. Unlike other home improvement mistakes, roofing errors can cost you a fortune to fix. If left unattended, they can cause structural damage to your roof and home and make your existing roofing issues worse and more expensive to repair over time. 

Since roofing is a complex job, it is recommended to hire trusted and experienced professionals for your project for long-lasting and flawless results. To avoid the most common roofing pitfalls, we have listed some of the worst roofing mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Let’s dive right in. 


1. Re-roofing

This mistake can be made both by homeowners as well as inexperienced contractors. While homeowners are not aware of the disadvantages of re-roofing their homes, incompetent contractors often opt for this method because it delivers quick results. 

In some cases, if performed with the help of experienced professionals, and if other conditions are suitable for re-roofing, you can safely install another roofing layer on your existing roof. However, when it comes to popular asphalt shingle roofing, installing another shingle layer without removing the existing roof will permanently hide all the current problems in the roof decking. As a result, you’ll get a heavier roof that will be riddled with your old roofing problems under a new roofing layer. In the long run, this can do more harm to your home and bank balance than any good. 

There’s no denying that re-roofing is an irresistible option for most people who are not aware of its limitations and long-term effects. The reason is that re-roofing is a much more affordable and faster process than dismantling the entire old roofing system. Though it used to be an acceptable practice in the past, it has significantly declined in popularity as most of the homeowners were not satisfied with the results. 

2. Lifting Shingles to Find Damage

In most cases, homeowners are responsible for making this mistake. Many people, after discovering a roof leak or damaged shingles, climb onto their roofs and lift their roofing shingles to check them for any issues or to detect the source of leaks. This can make your shingle issues worse and make your roof more vulnerable to weather damage. Professionals have carefully nailed shingles in their designated places and therefore, moving or lifting them can escalate your roof leaks even further instead of fixing the problem. A visual inspection is helpful, but lifting the shingles must be avoided

3. DIY Repairs 

Some homeowners try to fix their roof leaks by patching them with filler or putting rags on the damaged areas themselves instead of calling professionals. What they don’t know is that the water stains they see on their ceilings are only the result of a roof leak that is usually located somewhere else. 

By fixing it with a DIY patch, you are only getting rid of the signs instead of addressing the root cause. What’s more, it can make your roof leaks even more severe. That’s why, as soon as you discover a roof leak in your home, the best thing you can do is to put a bucket under the affected area and call an experienced roofer immediately. 

4. Thinking Your Roof Is Indestructible

Some homeowners make this mistake when they don’t know that some harsh roofing maintenance procedures can damage their roofs in the long run. For instance, pressure washing may help remove every bit of stubborn dirt and debris from your roof, but it will also remove protective granules from your roofing shingle. In some cases, it may cause severe damage to your roofing materials. Similarly, removing leaves and branches from your roof is a good way to keep your gutters and roof performing efficiently, but doing it carelessly can cause damage to the shingles and underlayment.  

5. A Poorly Anchored Roof 

You can install one of the most durable roofing systems on your home, but if it is anchored properly, even a mild weather event can severely damage it. Moreover, an improperly anchored roof can cause a range of issues in your home. Inept or inexperienced contractors are responsible for causing this issue. 

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