In this Article from Camden Roofing & Construction, we will be discussing the differences between roof replacement vs roof repair. This spring, many residents may discover leaks in their roofs. Thus, they must decide whether to fix the damaged area or replace the entire roof. Can we count you among them?


Both alternatives have their benefits and drawbacks. How do you know what Is the most convenient path for you? So, here is a list of questions to ask yourself before deciding what to do.

How Long Do You Have to Wait?

If you are not in a rush, it does not matter what choice you make. However, you might not have time to wait for a professional to schedule a roof repair if a leaking roof is an immediate concern.

What’s the Age of Your Roof?

Does your roof is less than 18 years old? If so, a repair may be enough. However, you may need a roof replacement if it is older than that.

The age of your roof and the expected lifespan of its components are crucial elements you need to know. Possible roofing materials in your house may be:

  • The most common roofing material for homes is asphalt shingles. Their lifespan goes from 20 to 30 years.
  • Redwood and cedar are common materials for wooden shingles. They have a lifespan of 30 to 40 years.
  • Slate shingles: Slate is a more long-lasting roofing material that can survive severe weather.
  • Clay Tile: Tiles made of clay or concrete can withstand the effects of hail and wind for up to a century without suffering damage.
  • Metal roofing has been popular with homeowners in recent years, despite its long history as a common building component. Depending on the metal used, a metal roof might endure many decades.

How Big Is the Affected Area Exactly?

Usually, a roofer may come out the same day if the damage is limited to one or two small areas. You should seriously consider a roof replacement if more than, for example, 30 percent of your roof is affected.

Replacing your roof entirely might cost a lot of money. However, you will rest easy knowing that your roof is protected from the weather. That means it will be in good shape no matter what the climate throws at it. 

Additionally, a complete replacement will save you from having to make expensive repairs in the future due to storm and wind damage. Spending money on a complete replacement now might end up saving you money later.

To Replace the Complete Roof, How Much More Would It Cost?

Roofing repairs might cost you $4,000, while a new roof could cost around $6,800. A new roof would be a higher investment and value in this scenario. If a recent storm caused damage to your roof, you could ask your insurance carrier to help pay for the repairs. You might only have to pay your deductible, depending on the damage. 

Do You Care If the Shingles on Your Roof Are All the Same Color?

Due to weathering, new shingles will not have an exact color match with your old shingles. A new roof might make you happier if your current one is visible, and you do not want mismatched shingles.

Is The Roof Deck Suffering from Water Damage?

A roof system is not complete without roof decks. They provide asphalt shingles with their slope and contour we can see from the street. Indeed, damage to the roof deck may cause a sagging roof.  

The most common causes of roof deck deterioration are excessive loads and water penetration. Decks can buckle because of things like large snow loads or solar panels. Alternately, a roof deck might become warped, moldy, or rotten if there is a lot of moisture in the attic.

Mold can flourish in damp conditions caused by water leaks in the attic. When this occurs, water damage to the deck is almost sure.

Installing new shingles on a roof that water has severely damaged will not restore its structural integrity. Typically, roofing replacements entail repairs to any problem on the roof deck.

Do You Also Need to Replace Your Gutters?

It may be more efficient to have a professional replace the roof, gutters, and downspouts at once if you require new gutters.

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