If you’re searching for a roofing contractor in Concord NC, Camden Roofing & Construction is your local Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofing contractor. Whether your home needs a total roof replacement or minor repairs, you can rely on Camden Roofing to take care of it with quality Owens Corning products and dependable trained service techs. Contact Camden today to learn more or request a complimentary roofing estimate!  


Camden Roofing – Your Go-To Roofing Contractor in Concord NC 

While it may not be something you think about daily, keeping a sturdy and well-functioning roof is an essential part of maintaining, as well as improving the value of your home. If you’re struggling with getting the same roofing issues repeatedly or have needed a Roofing Contractor in Concord NC, Camden Roofing & Construction is the roofing company to call. From repairing a leaky roof to replacing an old one, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to handle all kinds of roofing issues. A simple online search of “roofing contractors near me” and we will be your top choice!

We are one of Concord NC’s leading roofing companies, specializing in helping homeowners get their roofs back in shape so that they can have peace of mind that their home stays protected for many years. Call us today for more information about our roofing services or fill out our request form so that your Concord roofing pros can schedule your free initial roof inspection right away. 

Our Reliable Roofing Solutions for Concord Residents

A damaged or worn-down roof can do more than just make your house look old and unkempt – it also makes it more prone to leaks, mold, and structural damage. Our roofing team at Camden Roofing understands how much of an impact a damaged roof can have on both your home and your budget, that’s why we are committed to fixing damaged roofs quickly and efficiently so your property remains in pristine condition for as long as possible. 

Whether your roof needs repair or you’re seeking new residential roof installation, we will work hard to make sure that your home gets the attention it deserves. Our team of experts is ready to help with any of your roofing needs, including but not limited to:

Roof Repairs

Your roof protects your home, but eventually, all roofs will wear down due to age and constant exposure to the elements. When signs of damage or damage become visible, it’s essential to get your roof repaired quickly to avoid further damage.  

Don’t wait until you wake up to the sound of raindrops on your head – call your roofing contractor in Concord NC right away to get a free estimate. Our skilled repair specialists can quickly assess the problem and fix it without wasting any time or causing unnecessary damage.

Roof Replacement

If your roof is old and damaged beyond repair, it may be time for a replacement. Getting your roof replaced can be a big undertaking and expensive, but it’s necessary if you want to keep your home safe from leaks and other problems that may arise from a damaged roof. Since it is a significant investment, you need to look for experts who have experience and the necessary skills to do the job.  

At Camden Roofing & Construction, we have years of experience with the latest techniques in roofing replacement so that you can be sure that the job will be done thoroughly, efficiently, and correctly. Our team of experts can help you find just what you need and ensure that your home is well-protected by a durable, high-quality roof for years to come. If you’re looking at replacing your current roof, call your roofing contractor in Concord NC today for more details and to receive a free estimate. 

Roof Insurance Claim Assistance 

At Camden Roofing, we know how stressful, time-consuming, and discouraging it can be when it comes to dealing with an insurance company and getting the compensation you deserve for your damaged roof.  With decades of experience handling claims and getting roofs replaced just as quickly, we understand what you’re going through, and we won’t let you go it alone. As your roofing contractor in Concord NC, we will be right there with you every step of the way to make sure your claim is filed quickly and accurately so that you can receive compensation for your damages as soon as possible. 

Gutter Guards Installation  

There’s no denying the fact that gutter maintenance is a messy job. No matter how you approach it, you can’t escape dirty hands and feet. Don’t worry. As your roofing contractor in Concord NC, we’ve got a solution for all your gutter maintenance woes: MasterShield Gutter Guard installation. This effective, durable gutter guard is designed to form a protective barrier around your gutters that keeps debris from entering the rainwater system to protect it from damage. Not only does this solution save you money on unnecessary maintenance costs, but it also prevents erosion on your home and property. 

Why MasterShield Is Your Best Gutter Guard Choice 

Pitched Like Roof so that Debris Rolls Off

Protecting your gutter isn’t a one-time job. MasterShield is designed to keep your gutters free of debris for years to come. While other gutter guards sit flat and easily trap debris, MasterShield’s unique patented design has been carefully researched and tested to find the proper pitch for debris to roll off the gutter guards. This gutter guard stops ice buildup on the roof and keeps gutters from clogging, which prevents water damage to your home. 

Built with HydroVortex Action to Filter Water Faster Than Any Other

Utilizing HydroVortex Action’s incredible siphoning properties to pull water in and keep the small stuff out, MasterShield’s gutter guards help prevent clogging, allowing water to flow freely. The revolutionary design of HydroVortex Action means you don’t rely on gravity to pull water through the micromesh but instead can change water’s forward flow at almost any angle, pulling it into the gutter FAST! That means the angled installation doesn’t result in water pooling on your roof, eliminating any concerns about rot or roof damage from overflowing gutters.  

Features a CopperCare™ MicroMesh Designed to Minimize Clogs

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your gutters, turning them into a sad mess that ultimately impacts the look of your home. With MasterShield, you’re giving your gutters a chance to stand up to harmful debris and look great for years to come.  This revolutionary gutter guards’ features CopperCare MicroMesh technology, woven right into the filter, which will attack oils and organisms that flow down your roof every time it rains. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry these unseen, destructive elements will impact your gutter guards over time – which means more protection for your home! 

MasterShield’s Sleek, Aluminum Frame is Guaranteed to Last You a Lifetime

Made from thick, rigid aluminum, this gutter guard is virtually unbreakable and can withstand harsh weather conditions year-round. Don’t settle for plastic or PVC gutter guards that collapse under heavy snow or ice. MasterShield’s design will not warp or deteriorate like traditional plastic guards and will protect your home for years to come! If you’re interested in our roofing services, a simple search of “best roofing company near me” and we will be at the top of your list!

Roofing Contractor in Concord NC: The OC Advantage

The weather in Concord is notoriously difficult to predict, which means that keeping your home protected and secure is an important concern. If you need an expert roofing contractor in Concord NC, we are the top choice in the area, with experienced specialists who know how to handle everything from simple repairs to complete replacement projects.

We have been a trusted source of expertise near you for many years, and we are proud of the extensive list of satisfied clients that we’ve developed thanks to our unwavering standards. We work with all kinds of roofing projects and guarantee that our roofing solutions are designed to protect your home from the weather in Concord. 

As a local Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor in Concord NC, you can experience the following advantages when you choose us for your roofing projects: 

  • We have all the necessary certifications and licenses to install Owens Corning products. This means you can rest assured that your new roof will be installed correctly by trained roofing professionals who know what they’re doing.
  • We have access to all their latest products and technologies, including Cool Roofs (which reflect heat instead of absorbing it), Eco-Roofs (made with recycled materials), and Solar Roofs (with photovoltaic cells).
  • We can offer you financing options through Owens Corning’s preferred lender so that you get the best available rate on your loan.
  • Peace of mind knowing that our contractor has been vetted by Owens Corning and will stand behind his workmanship with its own warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. As your roofing contractor in Concord NC, our roofers can offer up to a 50-Year warranty on your new roofing system as well as a 25-Year workmanship warranty backed by Owens Corning.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means we’ve never had any complaints filed against us and that our customers are satisfied with their experience working with us.

Get in Touch with Our Roofing Contractors and Schedule Your Free Inspection! 

When you need to get your roof repaired or replaced, don’t take any chances. Choose Camden Roofing & Construction for superior craftsmanship, premium materials, and an unbeatable warranty. Call your roofing contractor in Concord NC today at 704-858-2141 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.