If you find yourself wondering is opting for black gutters a wise decision for your house? Let Camden Roofing & Construction help you out. Your gutters are in plain sight. Yet, they go unnoticed unless you specifically look for them. White is the standard color for the most basic gutters. Thus, they do not necessarily improve the aesthetic value of the property. 

Instead, black gutters can provide a modern architectural touch to homes clad in brick, shakes, or other darker materials. 

You may be curious about whether the appeal of black gutters will hold up over time. We will answer your questions right here!


Black Rain Gutter Color May Fade

Black gutters may seem more refined than white ones if you have a dark roof and shutters. But if they fade, will they still appear elegant?

Your gutters, like your roof, spend all day in the sun. The white gutters reflect most of the sun’s rays. But, the black color acts like a sponge, soaking up the light. Besides, when the temperature changes, they expand and compress more than the white gutters. 

So, yes, black gutters decay faster than white ones. 

Indeed, any black surface will fade when exposed to UV light. The gutters that face the sun will discolor the quickest.

Some materials degrade more quickly in the sun than others. Vinyl gutters are a popular option among homeowners because of their low cost and adaptability. Moreover, you can find them in many colors. 

However, vinyl gutters are more prone to discolor over time than metal ones. The cloth may fade with only one season of sunlight. The gutter color will be inconsistent across the house as it lightens more in sunny spots.

Aluminum gutters are far superior to their vinyl counterparts. Corrosion may occur in metal gutters. Yet, manufacturers usually cover them with robust paint or coatings that keep the dark hue intact. 

Pros of Having Black Gutters

  • Hide dirt and stains: Damaged or scraped areas of white gutter paint darken with time. The growth of mold, mildew, algae, and dirt may easily discolor white gutters. Black gutters hide these discolorations and will not require cleaning as often. 

On the other hand, black gutters may be more susceptible to mildew than white ones. Dark-colored gutters retain heat better than lighter ones, causing this issue. 

  • They look great when wet: Black gutters, even when they are faded, still look great when it is raining. The rain gives them a glossy finish and deepens their color. Black gutters are a stylish addition to any property in a wet climate.

Preventing the Fading of Black Gutters and Downspouts 

Do you love the way black gutters look? If so, do not allow their fading tendency to impede you from installing them. You may avoid their fading if you follow these tips:

  • Go with a reputable manufacturer if you want your gutters to last. Choose a brand that treats its products with UV-resistant paints or coatings.
  • Before settling on a gutter brand, research if the manufacturer puts it through a UV test. If you know your gutters have passed this test, you will also know what to expect from them over time.
  • Keep a close eye on them. Organic growth can wear away the coating on a gutter. Debris, such as pollen, pollution, tree sap, and dirt, can also accumulate. Thus, routinely checking the gutters for accumulation is necessary.
  • Be careful when cleaning your gutters. Do not use harsh chemicals. By using them, you might scratch the UV-resistant coating on the surface.
  • Do your gutters have faded over time? Give them a new layer of paint. If you hire a pro, they will advise you on preparing the surface and which paint to use. Your gutters might peel or fade even more if you do not use the correct procedures and products.

Choosing the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

Choose a color for your new gutters to match the outside of your home or business. When paired with a dark roof and trim, dark gutters are a classic design and choice. But choose a lighter shade if your home has a lot of white or other light-colored trim. Light or black gutters are a great way to modernize a home with minimal trim.

Also, think about the local climate. Houses in rainy regions may enhance their look with black gutters. But, in dry, sunny climates, they quickly deteriorate.

Is fading in black gutters a problem for you? You can switch to a lighter hue. The life of your gutters may be longer, and fading will be less noticeable. 

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