Members of the United States military are watching out for us every single day of our lives, often at significant stress for themselves and for their families. Part of that stress includes an inability to look after home repairs because they are stationed elsewhere. So, when an opportunity comes up to offer peace of mind to a member of the military, Camden Roofing is all in.

On July 19th, our team will be part of #RoofDeployment where we will partner with Charlotte’s Habitat for Humanity to put a new roof on the home of a selected member of the military.

For us, that will be Clinton, who lives on Lunsford Place in the Villa Heights neighborhood. This program is taking place in communities just like ours around the country, thanks to an initiative of Owens Corning, a leader in roofing systems that provide total protection. To put this initiative into practice, Owens Corning relies upon its Platinum Preferred Contractors, including Camden Roofing, to provide quality services to hard-working service men and women in the United States.

How to Help People in the Military

At Camden Roofing, we know one thing, without a doubt: we live in a wonderful community, full of people who care. And, since only our trained roofing professionals can participate in #RoofDeployment, we thought we’d share other ways that you can help. lists great starter ideas, which include:

• Check in with local veteran’s service organizations and ask what help is needed. Here is a list of veteran’s groups in North Carolina. Here is a list specifically for Charlotte.
• If you know of a military family, especially one new to the neighborhood, introduce yourself and offer to help. If, for example, the spouse of the military member is home with children, share babysitting resources and/or offer to pick up groceries while you’re out. To quote Create the Good, “The military emphasizes strength, courage and bravery, which can make it difficult for service men and women to feel comfortable asking for help” and that same culture often permeates into their families, too.

There is a free e-book available online titled 101 Ways to Support Our Troops, and many of the suggestions are free or low in cost. They range from simply saying “thank you for your service” whenever you see someone in uniform or if you know he or she is serving or has served in the military. If you go to a children’s program at a school, church or community center – and you know that a child has a deployed parent – take video of his or her performance and arrange to have it sent to the military parent. One of the hardest things for deployed parents is missing out on their children’s lives, so this would be a very thoughtful act.

You could also organize a care package for the deployed person, collecting items from the neighborhood, and you can also send a thank you note with the package. The e-book includes a detailed list of the most desired items. You can also send cards to people in veteran’s hospitals. The possibilities are endless (and the e-book contains 90-some more than what we mentioned in this post!).

Sincere Thank You from Camden Roofing

From all of us at Camden Roofing: thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all people actively serving in the military, to their families, to veterans, to Owens Corning and Habitat for Humanity for #RoofDeployment – and to all of you who take the time to support those in the military. We are grateful.