If you’re wondering “Should I hire a pro to clean my gutters?” Let Camden Roofing & Construction help you out! Doing house repairs and upkeep on your own may save you a ton of money. Certainly, you can make many projects on your own. However, this is a job you should leave to the specialists. So, read on to find out some risks you can take if you clean your gutters yourself.


Risks Related to DIY Gutter Cleaning

Most people believe that accidents that occur while cleaning gutters on their own usually involve them falling from the roof. Of course, this outcome is possible. But it is not the only risk you must consider. 

In addition to the problem mentioned before, the following are also common risks that unskilled homeowners face when trying their hands at a project:

  • Falling off ladders: According to the Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, around half a million people are injured or killed each year from ladder-related incidents. Most of these accidents happen at homes and farms. Do not join these numbers!
  • Risks related to vertigo issues: Being terrified of heights has no bearing on the occurrence or severity of vertigo. Even those who usually do not have problems staying at considerable heights might become dizzy and fall when walking on the roof.
  • Injuries from contact with electrical components: Wires on the roof or overhanging electrical lines might be hazardous.
  • Clothing getting caught on edges: You can get entangled in gutters and suffer injuries when doing DIY gutter cleaning if you wear improper clothing.
  • Sharp edges: metallic gutters have sharp edges dangerous for DIYers.
  • Health dangers: Mold and mildew thrive in damp places such as gutters that have become clogged. Spores from these organisms in the air or on objects can cause respiratory illnesses that could spread across your family. So, if you remove dead leaves and other organic stuff on your own, you will be exposed to them and suffer their damaging effects. 
  • Void warranty: There is always the chance that you will accidentally damage your gutter system, even if you are extremely careful when cleaning it. The gutters’ effectiveness will decay, and you can void the warranty on the roof or gutters as a result.

Are you aware now of the risks associated with cleaning your gutters? You should! So, it is time to find out why hiring a professional is a better option.

Why Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Gutters?

The primary advantage is that you will not have to worry about endangering yourself. A fall from a single-story home might not seem like a huge concern. Still, it is always crucial to have a professional with the proper safety equipment clean a two-story home or a roof with several peaks.

As an additional perk, you will get some much-needed rest!

With professionals that perform this kind of work every day, you can rest assured they completed the task successfully. There is no need to be afraid about the quality of the outcome. When specialists clean your gutters, they also keep an eye out for anything that might lead to leaks in your roof.

That’s right, you heard correctly… Guttering is a component of your roof! 

Have you not cleaned it in a while? If so, the weight of water and debris may have reattached the gutters to the roof. This issue may not be readily evident to the untrained eye. Yet, fix it to protect the roof from further deterioration.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Gutter cleaning needs careful attention to detail.

You might think it is a little and simple task you can handle on your own. However, several factors may impact their overall effectiveness.

However, expert gutter cleaners will inspect every aspect of your guttering system. Likewise, to ensure that water can move easily through the whole gutter system, they will make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, you can install a gutter protection system to protect your gutters clean and undamaged.

In any case, roof damage, whether from clogged gutters or another source, needs the help of roofing experts. 

For your safety and the industry’s good, only go with roofing contractors with proper licensing and insurance. For more information, contact Camden Roofing & Construction, LLC in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC at 919-729-5050