Here are the top qualities that make your roof resilient and long lasting from Camden Roofing and Construction. When it comes to the best things about a roof, one of the first things that might come to your mind is how it keeps you safe and comfortable regardless of the conditions outside. The primary function of a roof is to keep you, your family, and your home protected from the elements. 

A strong, well-built, and durable roofing system shields you and your loved ones from the harsh rain, high winds, hailstorms, and flying debris, and most importantly, it provides you with a sense of safety and peace of mind. Apart from these things, most homeowners don’t care about the other benefits of a high-quality roof.


High-quality and a well-designed roof that is installed by a trusted roofing contractor and kept well maintained with regular inspections can easily last more than 30 years. This means you can keep your roof in tip-top shape throughout its long lifespan. Most homeowners must go through roof replacement only once or twice in their lives provided they have good quality and well-maintained roofs.

How to Choose the Best Quality Roofing for Your Home? 

To choose the highest quality roof for your home, you need to know the traits of a good quality roofing system. So, if you know what to look for, it becomes much easier to pick the best roofing system for your needs and budget. Here we have listed a few important characteristics you should look for when you’re in the market for a new roof.

1. Type of Shingles

There is a myriad of roofing materials available on the market and to choose the best one for your home, you must take into consideration factors like durability, longevity, cost, and energy efficiency, among others. Look for materials that can withstand harsh elements like strong winds, UV rays, heavy rain, and hailstorms so that you can enjoy a trouble-free roofing system for years to come. 

The most affordable option out there is asphalt shingles. Besides being the most cost-effective roofing material on the market, asphalt roofing is relatively easy to install and replace. And with the availability of a huge range of colors and styles, you can easily choose one to suit the decor and architectural style of your home.

On the other hand, if you can afford high-end options, you can go for designer shingles which are also known as luxury or dimensional shingles. The cost of these shingles is significantly higher than regular asphalt shingles because of their better durability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. They can add a distinct and sophisticated look to any property. Other options in materials are wood, slate, clay, concrete, and metal.

2. Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient roofing material is the easiest way to lower your utility bills substantially and save significant money every month. It goes without saying that a beautiful and energy-efficient roof can dramatically boost the resale value of your property as well. High-quality insulation is used in the installation of these roofs for watertight protection against the elements and top-notch thermal protection. This means you’ll enjoy comfortable temperatures inside your home all year round without relying too much on your HVAC systems. 

Energy-efficient roofs can help retain the precious warm air inside your home in winter. These qualities of energy-efficient roofs can help you save a ton of money on your energy bills down the line. Moreover, energy-efficient roofs are good for our environment too.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is another factor to consider when determining the quality of a roof and the return on investment it can deliver. A roof replacement is a significant investment. On average, the cost of installing a new roof in the U.S. can range from $5,500 to $11,000. While getting a new roof is certainly an important investment, you need to consider the ROI you can get from your new roof. 

Asphalt shingles are undoubtedly the most affordable roofing option, but they may not be as long-lasting and weather resistant as modern options like metal roofing. So, you may have to replace your asphalt roofing systems sooner than a tile or metal roof. Additionally, a new metal roof can boost the value of your home way significantly more than an asphalt roof. You need to keep this factor in mind while picking the material for your new roof. 

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