Is your roof ready for the summer? North Carolina is expecting a warmer-than-average summer. So, if you live there, now is the time to check sure your roof can handle the heat. The issues that cold weather may cause are often more evident. But the problems that arise in the summer may take a bit longer to spot.

Therefore, preventing roofing issues takes a lot of importance. The harsh summer conditions can cause significant deterioration of roofing systems over the years. Thus, it is necessary to check your roof condition regularly and repair any issue promptly.


In this sense, we have compiled a list of roofing issues that may arise during the warmer months.

By acting proactively, you will preserve your roof and home structure.

  • Spring and Summer Storms May Cause Damage by Causing Leaks.

Spring and summer thunderstorms and rains may not involve hail. Though, they can nevertheless cause damage to your roof’s shingles or tiles due to their high winds and heavy rains. When paired with strong gusts, the fresh growth of neighboring trees or bushes can become hazardous flying debris. In addition, the added water weight on your roof might cause your roof’s protecting membranes and sealants to fail during any particularly hard downpour. Therefore, having a roof that is in good condition is especially important during the summer months.

  • Humidity Can Cause Long-Term Damage

During the summer, humidity levels tend to rise along with the temperature. Attic condensation is more prevalent in the winter. But, even when it is not raining, the summer heat still causes a lot of moisture to build up on the exterior of your roof. Wet parts will remain damp for much longer, increasing the likelihood of the growth of mildew, moss, and mold that can lead to significant rot problems. Furthermore, standing water will remain on flat roofs for extended periods under high humidity, causing more damage over time.

  • Heat Cause Cracking and Warping Issues

Days will get warmer again as summer progresses. However, temperatures drop down during evenings, especially around the beginning and conclusion of the season.

Roofs, especially metal ones, can show apparent signs of expansion and contraction if the temperature shift is severe enough. The cement, caulk, and other sealants used on your roof are also likely to suffer damage from this phenomenon.

In the long run, the roof might fracture and bend, letting water in and causing severe problems. Consider that your roof may be more susceptible to damage if summer temperature variations are extreme.

  • As Summer Approaches, Pests May Be More Likely to Invade Roofs

Typically, pests seek hibernation sites as the weather cools down. They become more active throughout the summer. So, be wary of unpleasant critters that might get into your roof in search of a new summer home or some additional sustenance.

Likewise, keep an eye out for hornets or wasps constructing nests, squirrels investigating potential new food sources, and birds establishing territories or hunting for mates. It’s best to eliminate these pests as soon as possible to prevent any more harm or mess they may do to your roof.

  • As The Temperature Rises, Your Roof Might Begin to Deteriorate

The summer’s heat and humidity will gradually deteriorate your roof. Look for issues like faded or curled shingles, granule loss, and dry, cracked sealants or membranes as telltale symptoms of solar damage.

Does your roof exhibits symptoms like these? If so, it is time to contact Camden Roofing & Construction to discuss what you can do to strengthen it before the next cold spell.

Let the Professionals Take Care of Your Roof 

When it comes to maintaining your roof, a wise choice is to hire reputable, local contractors. These professionals will know better than anybody how your local climatic conditions affect roofs. Therefore, they will give you the best advice to prepare your roof for summer heat and temperatures.

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