If you’re wondering “Should I get skylights for my home?” Let Camden Roofing and Construction help you out. Your home can benefit from skylights if you want to add more light and fresh air. A recent call for tips was sent to us and other skylight companies. These tips will guide you enough about your choice of skylight installed in your place so you can enjoy the natural light and air without any worries.


The following roofing tips can help you get started on your skylight journey and make the most of the entire natural light available in your home. Check it out!

Selecting the right skylight for your home 

Ventilating, fixed, and tube skylights are the three main skylight types. Different types of skylights are available, including flat, arched, domed, and pyramidal. It is crucial to select the right skylight for the right roof. It is essential to have a professional install the skylight and to perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure its longevity. A skylight or sun tunnel can bring natural light into almost any dark room. You will also receive federal tax benefits simultaneously. Since the skylight directly connects you from the outside environment, it is imperative to pay special attention to its installation to avoid any hole for water leakage.

Adding skylights to your home will allow you to take advantage of the outdoors and natural light. Working with an expert contractor will help you choose the best skylight that will hold up against inclement weather, including hurricanes if you’re building or renovating a home. When it comes to your beautiful new skylight, you only want light to pass through, not water.”

The benefits of solar skylights 

The solar-powered skylight is a great alternative to electrical skylights since it operates on its own during power outages. Since the electricity bills are already going out of our control, solar power is the best answer to our problems. You don’t need to wire anything to the house if you have a self-contained solar cell and internal battery. You don’t have to worry about rain since a sensor will automatically close the skylight when the weather turns. Besides reducing your electric bill, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your items are protected from storms.”

Pre-installed Velux solar-powered shade systems are available when installing or replacing Velux skylights. Depending on the scope of the project, the homeowner may qualify for a 26% federal tax credit. A phone app can also be used to operate the shades. For multi-unit or new construction projects where framing and sheetrock are involved, this can save thousands of dollars and keep rooms cool on hot days.”

How to showcase your skylight 

“Rooms and hallways with no windows are the best places for skylights. You can enjoy different weather conditions like rain, snow, and starry sky without going outside using your skylight. A skylight in a main bedroom can provide a view of the night sky for homeowners, and stairwells and bathrooms are popular choices. However, you are free to choose the location of your skylight in your house according to your priorities. Camden Roofing and Construction has installed stained glass skylights for clients to bring some color and playfulness to their homes.”

Using a frame color that contrasts with your ceiling paint color is a great way to highlight your skylight. Creating a contrast between white walls and black window frames will give your room a unique focal point.”

Reduce unwanted glares.

“When selecting a skylight system, remember that the materials used can make a big difference in the final product. By using transparent cellular polycarbonate panels in skylight systems, unwanted glare can be reduced while beautiful daylighting can be achieved.”

Choosing the right skylight installers 

To work with skylights successfully, you need a contractor with a lot of attention to detail. In addition to knowing how many new features are available for skylights, contractors have the knowledge and experience necessary to gather the correct information and measurements, as well as the materials and installation techniques required to install a quality skylight.”

Bring your home to life. 

Your home can be transformed by natural light provided by skylights. Your home’s color scheme will appear more accurate with skylights, which reduce your reliance on electric lights, allow you to experience more natural light, and increase your exposure to fresh air. To enhance your home’s natural light, choose a skylight that meets your needs and place it in a creative location.

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