The immediate damage occurring in the Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina areas in the wake of Hurricane Irma included downed trees and power lines. If your home or business was a target for flying debris, the damage is likely to be obvious. But, what if you had what seems to be relatively minor damage? Perhaps only a corner of your roof was hit and so you feel lucky. If that’s the case, you should still have your roof inspected because water damage, over time, can be significant throughout your home or business.

Water that enters your structure through a roof leak makes its way throughout your home or business, causing costly damage along its path. Here are five different types of roof leak damage.

Attic and Ceiling Damage

As the water enters the structure, it logically damages the top portions first, and then spreads through supporting walls. If you have belongings stored in your attic, they will likely sustain damage, too.

Electrical Challenges

As the water wends its way through the structure, electrical problems can occur as wiring is damaged. These wires can break or short out. And, what if the water ends up on your electrical circuit box? Then the problem grows exponentially, with a risk of fire.

Weakened Wood and Drywall

If you think of the wooden structure – meaning beams, joists and so forth – and a structure’s skeleton, it becomes clear how crucial this wood really is. If the wood begins to rot as water persistently drips on it, a relatively small roof problem can become a huge structure-wide problem. And, as your drywall continues to absorb the incoming rain, ceilings and walls can crumble and collapse.

Mold and Mildew

Untreated moisture leads to mold and mildew – and, when that enters your HVAC system, it is spread throughout the entire structure. It can even enter your carpets and furniture. Once mold settles in, it can be challenging to remove, and one type – black mold – is toxic. Health issues can cause allergic reactions and even more significantly health challenges.

Miscellaneous Roof Leak Damage

Paint can peel, walls discolor, people slip and fall in puddles. Insulation becomes saturated and less effective, leading to higher utility bills. So, what should you do?

Roof Leak Repair in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina

The reality is that you often can’t see roof damage from the ground – and it isn’t safe to climb onto and then inspect your roof for damage yourself, especially when it’s slick and wet. Instead of taking that risk, contact us online or call 704-858-2141 today. If you’re unsure of the damage that Hurricane Irma’s winds did to your roof, simply be proactive and let us inspect it for damage before water leaks compound the problem.

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