As the year winds down, it’s only natural that we’re taking a look back at the highlights of the year, and then imagining what is yet to come. And, if we were to distill our thoughts into just three categories, they’d be:

  • What we’re most proud of from 2017
  • The biggest news story for us in 2017
  • Our top New Year’s resolution for 2018

So, here goes!

Proudest Moment of 2017

We’re proud of Clinton H and all the years of selfless service he has given our country and community, through his military service and more. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, he joined the U.S. Army in 1969, receiving training as a communication specialist. After completing basic training at Fort Bragg, he learned radio operations at Fort Jackson and Fort Gordon. He served in Vietnam, honorably discharged. After returning to Charlotte, he worked in the Department of Corrections before having a career in radio.

As the years went by, as often happens, home repairs piled up – and Clinton found himself in need of extra help. Fortunately, when he was watching television, he saw a news story where Habitat for Humanity was helping a fellow veteran, so he took the bull by the horns and physically applied for help for a critical roofing issue.

And, we’re honored to have had the opportunity to help Clinton through the #RoofDeployment program. Here are images:

You can find more about our participation in #RoofDeployment here and here. We also included tips on how you can help veterans.

Biggest News Story of 2017

For us, the biggest story was Hurricane Irma, as limbs, trees and power lines blew into roads and onto roofs. As of September 11, 2017, more than 270,000 people in the Carolinas were without power, thanks to the strong winds from what remained from the hurricane.

To help, we focused on creating content that will provide practical, useful advice to people on the topic of storms. These posts include ones focusing on:

We hope that 2018 doesn’t bring with it storms such as Hurricane Irma. But, it’s good to be prepared!

New Year’s Resolution for 2018

Finally, we’ve committed to one over-arching New Year’s Resolution for 2018 – and that’s to live mindfully with a focus on quality. That might mean different things to different people, of course, but we invite you to consider that as your own resolution, as well.

If, for example, you’ve committed to healthy eating in 2018 and beyond, it’s important to thoughtfully buy, prepare and eat food. Or, if your goal is to become more financially stable, it’s important to thoughtfully consider how you spend your money – spending it on what truly matters, on quality products and services – and then NOT spending it on frivolous items.

What we appreciate about that resolution is that it works just as well at the workplace as it does at home. Whatever job you do, this resolution will help you to focus on what you’re doing at the moment, committed to doing the best job possible.

Our Promise to You in 2018 and Beyond

Whether you’re looking for a roofing contractor or a general handyman, in the Charlotte area or in/near Raleigh, we are committed to providing quality service, focused on your specific needs, budget and timeline.

Happy New Year to all of you – from all of us at Camden Roofing and Construction!