If you’re ready to have a new roof installed, you may already know exactly what colors you want or you may need guidance. In either case, it’s worthwhile for you to know that a federally-conducted study researched temperatures of roofs with dark (black) shingles and light (white) ones. The study found that “black-shingled roofs were generally 10°F to 15°F warmer than identical white-shingled roofs on sunny days.” When nighttime fell, the dark-shingled roofs lost heat more quickly than the light-colored ones as shingle temperatures became close to the outdoor temperatures, whatever they might be.

There are benefits to having a cooler roof, including – according to Energy.gov – a reduction in air conditioning needs, more comfortable temperatures in places that are not air conditioned (such as garages and/or covered patios) and the potential for a longer roof life.

But – and this is very important – although choosing lighter-colored shingles is one way to create a cooler roof, there are numerous other ways that an experienced roofing contractor can achieve that. And, although the study found differences in the two extremes in color – black and white – differences were smaller between, say, brown or gray. So, the best advice is to choose quality shingles in a color you really like and work with a quality roofing contractor to ensure that roofing materials used are the right choice for your house in your particular climate.

Curb Appeal

An appealing roof is crucial when you want your house to look attractive, and that’s why Owens Corning teamed up with a global authority on color, Leatrice Eiseman. To quote her philosophy on roof shingle colors, “Color can translate very easily to the exterior of the home. Take inspiration from our seasonal fashion colors. Have fun with color because that’s what it’s all about. It’s about bringing more joy and creativity into our lives.”

She is recognized as one of the world’s most influential experts on color, and she provides insightful information about roof colors for Owens Corning – and you can take advantage of her knowledge about the colors of the season here. You can click on specific colors that intrigue you and explore the possibilities. If you want to look at the Owens Corning 2018 Shingle Color of the Year, take a look at Sand Dune.

Here’s another piece of advice. Make sure the roof color is complementary to any bricks in your home’s structure. You can always get new siding, repaint your house and so forth, but bricks are permanent. Having said that, remember that they key word is “complementary,” not “perfectly matching.” When you try to precisely match your roof with another color in your home’s structure, it’s unlikely that an exact match will occur and the clash can be unattractive. Or, this can result in a monochromatic look that you’ll quickly tire of.

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